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DONATE TODAY: CAIR Scores Historic Blow Against Unconstitutional Federal Watchlist


We are happy to share the news that CAIR’s legal team has struck a historic blow against the secretive federal watchlist system, a global effort that has ensnared more than one million people and is being used against American Muslims and their institutions when they travel or do business. 

[NOTE: Because of the watchlist, American Muslim men, women and children have been harassed while traveling at airports or across borders, and Muslim individuals, Islamic institutions and Muslim-owned businesses had their accounts unjustly closed by banks without due process or legal recourse. Because of this ruling, these injustices are coming to an end.]

We believe this important victory marks the beginning of the end of this illegal and unconstitutional program.


Last night, a federal judge ruled in CAIR’s favor that the government’s terror watchlist violates the Constitution.

The judge explained what all Muslims know: the terror watchlist unjustly stigmatizes innocent people as suspects, causing extensive harm to their families, careers and ability to travel.  

Men and women in our communities have missed funerals and weddings, lost jobs, and their infant children have been patted down as if they posed some kind of threat. CAIR’s 23 plaintiffs represent the thousands of Muslims across the nation treated as suspects and second-class citizens by this watchlist.  

CAIR has stood with those targeted by the watchlist, and together with them, we have fought back against this injustice together.

This victory is made possible by the courageous American Muslims who were watchlisted and decided to come out of the shadows and trust in CAIR to fight in the courts on their behalf. We also could not have done this without community donors like you who believed in CAIR’s mission and work.

However, this fight is not over. The judge is asking CAIR to address the due process violations inherent in the watchlisting system. We have more pending and upcoming legal challenges to completely end government profiling. Will you donate today to support CAIR’s legal work to keep fighting the unconstitutional watchlist?

Consider giving $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000, $2,500, $5,000, $10,000, or whatever you can. Any contribution, no matter how small or large, is appreciated.

Please take a minute RIGHT NOW to show your support for our work by going to  to contribute. Please consider making a monthly recurring donation to support us. 

You may also mail your contribution to: CAIR, 453 New Jersey Ave. S.E., Washington, D.C., 20003.

REMEMBER: CAIR is a 100 percent donor-supported organization. Donations to CAIR are both tax-deductible (Tax ID Number 77-0646756) and zakat-eligible.

Thank you, and may Allah bless you and your family.

Nihad Awad

CAIR National Executive Director


P.S. – Please send this appeal to your friends and family, and post on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. Remember: CAIR is a 100% tax-deductible (Tax ID Number 77-0646756) and zakat-eligible nonprofit organization.

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