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Sign CAIR’s ‘Not in America’s Name’ Petition

We, the undersigned, wish to state that our government’s refusal to call for and work toward an immediate cease-fire in the Middle East is unjust, immoral and counterproductive.

We believe that those elected officials who reject a cease-fire are not acting in our nation’s best interests and we wish to state clearly that they do not speak in our name.

We demand that our government:
1. call on all parties to the current conflict in the Middle East to implement an immediate and comprehensive ceasefire,
2. work toward immediate release of any prisoners held in violation of international law,
3. demand an immediate end to the targeting of civilians or civilian infrastructures by any individuals, groups or states in the region, and
4. use every American diplomatic resource to restart a peace process designed to achieve justice for all people in the Middle East.

Americans of all races, faiths and national origins condemn the killing of civilians and support a peaceful and just resolution to all international conflicts.


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