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Sprint Tells Stations Not to Air Ads on ‘Savage Nation’

(WASHINGTON, D.C., 12/12/2007) – The Hate Hurts America Community and Interfaith Coalition (HHA) today announced that Sprint Nextel, one of the nation’s largest communications services providers, will give radio stations instructions that its ads cannot run on “The Savage Nation” or on “any other program that promotes racism or hatred.”
In a letter to HHA, a Sprint Nextel official said:
“We would like to thank your organization for bringing this matter to our attention. We investigated whether Sprint did have spots running during ‘The Savage Nation’ and indeed we discovered spots did run on KERN-AM in Bakersfield, CA during the program in question, as part of a general advertising buy.
“To be clear, Sprint did not specifically purchase airtime during this program; rather we purchased the daypart where this show aired and unfortunately, we were not aware our spots would be running during such a program.
“We have taken the following actions to ensure that our advertising will no longer run on this show: 1. All national and regional radio schedules were checked to see if spots ran within this program in any other markets. 2. Immediate instructions were given to all stations to pull remaining spots from this program/daypart and moved to other dayparts. 3. Moving forward, instructions will be given to stations that Sprint radio advertising cannot run during ‘The Savage Nation’ or any other program that promotes racism or hatred.”
In a related development, Savage’s syndicator had to issue a statement confirming that Office Depot never purchased advertisements on Savage’s program, and that the ads heard by listeners had been placed inadvertently.
An official with Talk Radio Network Syndications wrote: “Any Office Depot commercials that aired in the program on a local affiliate would have been due to an inadvertent error by that affiliate.”
HHA, a group of religious and civic organizations seeking to challenge hate speech on talk radio, was formed as a result of Savage’s recent rhetorical attacks on Muslims, Islam and the Quran, Islam’s revealed text. Coalition members are calling on advertisers nationwide to stop airing commercials on Savage’s nationally-syndicated program.
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Advertisers that have already stopped airing, or refuse to air commercials on “Savage Nation” include AutoZone, Citrix Systems, Universal Orlando Resorts, TrustedID, JCPenney, OfficeMax, Wal-Mart, and AT&T.
Michael Savage has a long history of rhetorical attacks on a variety of minority groups.
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The Hate Hurts America Community and Interfaith Coalition includes public officials and civil rights advocates, as well as representatives of the Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Latino, and Asian communities.
CONTACT: Hate Hurts America Community and Interfaith Coalition Coordinator Sabiha Khan, 407-430-3747, E-Mail:


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