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CAIR-FL Welcomes Failure of Provision Forcing State Out of Textbook Selection Process

AlanHays-R-Umatilla(Tampa, FL, 5/1/14) — The Florida chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-FL) today joined that state's Muslim community in welcoming the failure of the original version of a bill (SB 864), prompted by anti-Muslim sentiment, that would have mandated each of the 67 Florida school districts to adopt its own textbook selection, approval and adoption process by eliminating the state role in reviewing and selecting textbooks for children.

The bill's sponsor, State Senator Alan Hays, stated repeatedly that he chose to sponsor the bill based on the criticism of a few people in his district who felt the 10th grade world history textbook favored Islam. 

The original bill was supported by the anti-Muslim hate groups “Citizens for National Security” (CFNS) and “ACT! For America” (ACT) that along with various county GOP clubs, REC leaders and Tea Party chapters pushed school boards to remove and/or edit textbooks with 'Islamic bias' based on their anti-Islamic views and opinions of the world's second largest religion. It was opposed by civil rights organizations, students, and school boards across the state.

Read the full article and CAIR-Florida's statement.

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