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Statement of CAIR Executive Director Supporting H. Res. 32

On behalf of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), America’s largest Muslim civil liberties group, I am here to express my support for House Resolution 32. I would also like to express our tremendous appreciation to Representative Sheila Jackson Lee for her leadership on this and other vital issues.
CAIR joins in calling for an end to female genital mutilation, domestic violence, so-called “honor killings,” and other gender-based human rights violations against women. These unjust and degrading acts contradict the teachings of our Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. When such acts do occur, it is in spite of Islam, not because of it.
Islam honors women and requires just treatment of all people. Those who disrespect women, or – worse – abuse, mutilate or kill them, are acting in direct contradiction to our faith, which obligates us to speak out for justice. In this spirit, I am honored to support this resolution on behalf of CAIR and the American Muslim community.
Debasing women not only harms individuals, but harms whole societies by preventing women’s full participation in establishing a just and moral society. Perpetrators of these barbaric acts claim any number of philosophical, political or religious justifications.
CAIR, keeping with our obligation to establish justice, stands with those who reject such justifications.


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