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CAIR-CAN: Welcomes Poll Results on Multiculturalism, Islam


(OTTAWA, CANADA, 11/14/06) – The Canadian Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-CAN) today welcomed survey results released by the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation that attitudes towards Canadian Muslims have improved since 2003.

According to the survey, the more contact that Canadians have with Muslim friends and colleagues, the more positive their impression of Islam and Canadian Muslims were.

The survey reported that 75 percent of Canadians believe that Muslim immigrants “make a positive contribution to Canada.” Half of Canadians have a positive impression of Islam. However, 53 percent of Canadians said that they rarely or never have contact with Muslims. One in three Canadians, 36 percent, think that Muslims are never or rarely portrayed fairly in the media.

“Prime Minister Trudeau was a true Canadian visionary. His commitment to multiculturalism made it possible for all Canadians to feel that they are part of and included in the fabric of our society,” said Karl Nickner, CAIR-CAN’s Executive Director.

“It’s important that we follow in his footsteps and fund education, research and outreach programs on the Islamic faith and Canadian Muslims.

“In the end, getting out there, meeting our neighbours, and spending time with each other is probably the single most important thing we can do to create real understanding and lasting relationships within Canadian society,” he added.

CONTACT: CAIR-CAN Communications and Human Rights Coordinator Sameer Zuberi at 613-795-2012, or CAIR-CAN Executive Director Karl Nickner at 613-254-9704 or 613-853-4111.


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