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Statement on False Claim that CAIR-FL Sponsored July 20 Miami Protest

CAIR-logoThe anti-Muslim hate group The United West has falsely reported that CAIR-Florida was a sponsor of a Sunday, July 20 rally in Miami. The United West also illegally placed CAIR's licensed logo, without our permission, on a video that it produced.

CAIR-Florida was not part of, did not plan, did not sponsor, did not participate in, and had absolutely nothing to do with the July 20 rally. If any document lists CAIR-Florida as a sponsor of the event, that listing was included without CAIR-Florida's permission.

We sent a formal demand to the United West to remove the CAIR-Florida logo from its video and immediately stop repeating the false claim that CAIR-Florida sponsored this event.

Please see the Southern Poverty Law Center's (SPLC) designation of The United West as an anti-Muslim hate group.

Please contact CAIR-Florida directly for any further information.

CONTACT: CAIR-Florida Chief Executive Director Hassan Shibly, 813-541-4321,; CAIR-Florida Regional Operations Director Nezar Hamze, 954-673-9459,


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